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Kapha Constitution

kaphaKapha is physically strong, solid, well developed and regular. They have a pale complexion, soft skin, large calm eyes, full lips, lustrous hair and are generally quite attractive. Kapha has a slow and steady metabolism, yet their appetite is constant, therefore they have a tendency towards overeating, snacking and emotional eating which leads towards excess weight and fluid retention. Kapha females have regular menstrual cycle with medium flow. PMT can manifest as heaviness, lethargy and depression. When the moon gets full, we naturally accumulate more water so kapha is also increased in the body. Kapha is naturally prominent mid morning, evening, in winter and in the earlier stage of life facilitate physical growth.

Everything about kapha is slow and consistent, they are slow thinkers and learners but have good memory and retention of information. They have more stamina than both vata and pitta and can therefore endure a lot of exercise which benefits them. Unfortunately you rarely see kapha on a treadmill as they prefer to engage in less vigorous activities. Needless to say they are heavy sleepers and like a good 10 hours in the sack. They are steady and devoted lovers.

When in balance kapha endows us with emotion and feeling, compassion, love, faith, calmness, strength, loyalty, endurance and stamina. They have lots of patience and tolerance but have tendencies towards laziness, despondency, depression, greed, unspontaneity and an aversion to change. Security is important to them; as a result they are careful with money but can spend frivolously if feeling emotionally low.

Physically kapha are prone to too much stagnation and a build up of mucus and toxins in their systems which manifest in disorders such as mucus congestion, lung problems, congestive disorders, heaviness and lethargy, sinusitis, asthma, water retention, obesity, cholesterol, constipation, arthritis and diabetes.