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Vata Constitution

vataFrom physical appearance to digestion, almost everything about vata is changeable and irregular. Physically they usually have a light flexible body, either tall or petite, are generally slim but their weight can fluctuate. They may have irregular physical or facial features. They also have irregular appetite and digestion, sometimes hungry sometimes not, with a tendency towards constipation. They often have knobbly crackling joints, rough skin and brittle hair due to dryness. They won’t like the cold and can have bad circulation. With females their menstrual can be irregular, scanty and painful. Vata is naturally prominent early morning, afternoon, in autumn and in the later stages of life when signs of old age begin to set in.

Although vata constitutions have less stamina than pitta and kapha they are active, restless and find it hard to relax. They are light sleepers and can suffer from insomnia, often running on nervous energy which can leave them completely depleted. For this reason vigorous exercises like running are not recommend for vata. They are easily excited, fast talking, can act without thinking, change their minds often and get bored easily. When focused vata makes good money but spends it frivolously.  They enjoy being with lots of people but also need their space. They love travelling.

When in balance vata people are creative, imaginative, flexible, clear, light, happy and healthy.
When out of balance they can become ungrounded, spacey, anxious, nervous and fearful and suffer from mental, nervous and digestive disorders, low energy and immunity and  disorders related to the muscular–skeletal system; arthritis, gout, joint problems, paralysis, neuralgia, muscle wasting, emaciation, fibromyalgia, ME, CFS, paralysis, irregular and painful periods, IBS, colitis, ADHD, anxiety and stress.